Ken Livingstone and Peter Hitchens: An Everyman’s Guide to Political Philosophy

PPE ken with pic

Citizen Ken: An Everyman’s Guide to Political Philosophy
Peter Hitchens 
in conversation with Ken Livingstone

Date: Wednesday 27 April
Doors Open:
Event Timings:
6.30 – 8.30pm
Waterlily Venue, 68-89 Mile End Road, London E1 4TT
Closest Tube: Stepney Green

“If voting changed anything, they’d abolish it!”
Ken Livingstone

Whatever one thinks of Ken Livingstone, it must be acknowledged that he has had the most extraordinary political life. From staging a coup of the GLC to winning the London Mayoral Elections as an independent candidate, Ken has forged his own inimitable path and political philosophy.

In this no-holds-barred conversation, Peter Hitchens will place Ken’s political philosophy on trial. Join us for what promises to be an electric exchange, followed by a panel QnA.

Ken Livingstone
Former Mayor of London

Peter Hitchens
Columnist, Mail on Sunday

Our chair for the evening will be Shahnaz Ahsan, a local writer and entrepeneur.

Tickets are FREE and open to all – click HERE

Our Venue

People’s PPE is a grassroots organisation that seeks to empower communities within their own local spaces and contexts. This seminar will be held in Tower Hamlets’ Waterlily Venue: once the famous Wickham department store, the Waterlily is now a popular community hub that serves local grassroots organisations and charities.


A note on access & live-stream:

The event is to take place on the second floor of the building. As a building in the conservation area which is still developing as a venue, some areas have very limited or no accessibility for anyone with mobility impairments.

There is a mechanical stairclimber which is suitable for certain wheelchairs. We need to advise that this is a far from satisfactory means of climbing and that some wheelchair users may not be happy using this equipment.

We ask anyone visiting or user the building to please check and confirm individual requirements prior to any event. We are happy to help and offer advice.

For those who cannot attend we will plan to do a live-stream of the event. Please check our social media account for more details on the day.

For more details, contact the venue directly:

Ken Livingstone and Peter Hitchens: An Everyman’s Guide to Political Philosophy

4 thoughts on “Ken Livingstone and Peter Hitchens: An Everyman’s Guide to Political Philosophy

  1. Thomas Austin says:

    Is last night’s live-stream available to view? In light of the MSM sheep-like ‘outrage’ over remarks made during the event, at which I was present, it would be a good thing for the public to see and hear the whole thing.


  2. Sean Menzies says:

    Are you guys on social media? It’d be nice to stay up to date with events without having to keep revisiting the site.


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