People’s PPE Guest Seminar: A People’s History of Politics with Peter Oborne & Owen Jones

People’s PPE Guest Seminar: A People’s History of Politics
 Peter Oborne, Owen Jones, Dr. Layli Uddin
Wednesday 10 February. 7.45pm 
Doors open 7.45pm for a 8pm start
London Muslim Centre, Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JX
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We are experiencing an curious time in British politics. With the spectacular win of the SNP in Scotland, the rise of UKIP across the UK, and now with Jeremy Corbyn’s ascendancy to the Labour leadership – it appears that there is a genuine thirst for a new kind of politics felt by ordinary people. It seems that the electorate have become dissatisfied by the current political establishment, and are seeking alternative political visions that better represent the ‘ordinary’ person.

This seminar aims to explore the genealogies of these alternative political traditions, and the historic relationship between ordinary people and power.

We are delighted to host presentations from:

Peter Oborne (Political Editor, Daily Mail):
The History of the English Radical Tradition.

Owen Jones (Columnist, The Guardian):
What is the Establishment, and how do they get away with it?

Dr. Layli Uddin (Researcher, Royal Holloway):
Revolutionary political voices in South Asia and their influence in the UK.

We expect a wide ranging QnA and discussion following presentations, on topics including:

  • Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party,
  • UKIP,
  • Britain’s role in the Middle East,
  • Corporate corruption,
  • Islamophobia,
  • The refugee crisis,
  • Politicians, media and bias.

Tickets are free and open to all – click here.

Our Venue:

People’s PPE is a grassroots organisation that seeks to empower communities within their own local spaces and contexts. This seminar is kindly being hosted in the London Muslim Centre’s conference facilities; the event space is fully accessible, and is open to everyone irrespective of their faith background. There is no dress code.

We hope introduce our attendees to a variety of community venues via our events in the future. If you represent a venue and would like to work with us, please email us on:


People’s PPE Guest Seminar: A People’s History of Politics with Peter Oborne & Owen Jones