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Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at the University of Oxford is the degree course of choice for those in politics, policy or journalism. In fact more than 40 current MPs including the Prime Minister have studied PPE, as have countless other world leaders.

This is because knowledge of politics and economics, and the philosophy that underlies the two, allows one to more meaningfully engage with, comment upon, and indeed govern society. Those who do not have access to this knowledge are open to manipulation by those who do.*

We do not think that those in power should have a monopoly on this knowledge.

Our project, “People’s PPE” aims to deliver a series of lectures, seminars, debates and workshops aiming to empower the grassroots and enable ordinary people to become more politically engaged and literate.

For more information about People’s PPE or to get involved, please complete our short form here. Thank you.

*A clear example of this can be seen with the current government’s justification of austerity with the oft-repeated comparison between the nation’s budget and a household budget. This analogy is completely false, as has been demonstrated countless times by academics and economists, yet this false comparison remains popular. Unless ordinary people are politically and economically literate, they will not be in a position to critically address and deconstruct misleading narratives such as these.